Ainsley’s Fall Wardrobe

Toddler Girl's Fall Wardrobe

I may not go all out when it comes to decorating our home for fall, but as we transition to a new season, I couldn’t help but stock up on some new pieces for Ainsley. I’m trying not to go overboard and making sure we can mix and match anything that we’re buying. While this buffalo plaid is a bit more bold, my sister has a nearly identical top and naturally Ainsley needs to twin with my twin as often as possible 😉

I’ve mentioned it on my Instagram Stories before, but I have the Banana Republic credit card so I put most of my Rewards towards Ainsley’s wardrobe at Gap and Old Navy in addition to staples for Bill and me. I also wait to purchase anything until it’s at least 30% off but usually wait for the 40% off code to kick in.

Here are some of my favorites from Target. I’m really liking the new Art Class line. Ainsley is a 4 in shoes right now but I got these boots in a 5 to wear with socks and then grow into through the fall and winter.

I’ve heard great things about See Kai Run shoes and plan to order this pair from Nordstrom. She currently wears these at daycare.

For daycare, I still send her in bodysuits but am starting to do more tops & pants combinations. She lived in these all summer. We have 6-7 of them and rotate them each week. I also got these bodysuits and these pants at Target to have in her backup bin. Sure, some days I’ll put her in a few of the pieces above, but I’d be lying if I said her clothes came home in great shape.

And while this post is mostly about Ainsley, here are my top picks from Banana Republic right now for fall.

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  • This brave little girl is HOME! One urgent care visit, one ambulance ride, five hours in the ER and an overnight stay at Children’s which included seven breathing treatments and three doses of steroids. She was a complete rockstar through the entire stay. She had the best guardian angels watching over her with a sign from Grandma Rosie thanks to an orange popsicle they brought Ainsley in the ER. It was my mom’s #1 request any time she was in the hospital. Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful messages and prayers. You continue to show our family so much love, and it means more than you know 🧡
  • Logged two hours of sleep on the glider with Ainsley from 4-6 a.m. this morning and now I’m ice rolling my face in preparation for attempting some family photos today. Send more chai, please ☕️ #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKfamily
  • Oh hi. Are you a teenager already? And can I borrow your shoes tomorrow? You get more fun every day, and I’ve never been more tired and grateful. Love you, Ainsley Rose.
  • I finally found a leopard skirt I love (I’m 5’2” which is why it looks a tad longer than on the website 😉), and it’s on sale for under $50! Plus, I’m linking to my favorite recent purchases from @bananarepublic including this sweater because it’s their friends & family event this week. You can shop this post in the app or copy and past this URL into your browser (easiest on your desktop!) #liketkit #itsbanana
  • Ainsley the puppy 🐶

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