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Mom Uniform
As someone who gets easily overwhelmed when there are a lot of decisions to make, I thought it’d be helpful for some other moms-to-be to share some of my most-loved items throughout pregnancy so far (besides Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

Fawn Design Diaper Bag
Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Mom Uniform

Items I’ve bought & loved during my first and second trimesters:

Body Pillow: This is for sure an item I wish I would’ve bought earlier. I irrationally felt like I had to wait until I was further along to use one, but trust yourself and listen to your body. I’ve had ongoing lower back and sciatica issues so it wasn’t a surprise that my lower back started bothering me early on. This pillow has helped a lot.

BellaBands: Another item I wish I would’ve bought earlier. Seriously already thinking about using these post-baby or just for days I really want to eat a lot 😉 These were great for when I still hadn’t told work I was pregnant and was wearing pants with oversized sweaters. I thought it would be better to spend the money on these instead of new jeans. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to use these but I can say they’ve been great up until my 25 week mark.

Fawn Design Bag: This bag is prettttty. There was a sale right around my birthday so this was a to me, love me gift. I’ve been using it as my computer/camera bag on the weekends. I had a moment of panic – okay that’s a bit dramatic – when I realized it didn’t have a top handle; however, my mom friends quickly reminded me that you will not have any extra hands to pick something up, let alone carry an additional bag and that I’ll either be relying on the shoulder strap or traditional backpack straps. Crisis averted. It’s good to have smart friends.

Dresses: You can click the images below to shop the dresses I’ve been loving and pretty much living in – only two are maternity. If you scroll through, you may also get a peek at one of the dresses I’m wearing for an upcoming shower. I love the polka dots! My Shop Assembly dress is still going strong. I wear it with flats, mules and sandals and add different scarves and jean jackets to make it feel a bit different every week.


Compression Socks: I actually bought these right before we found out I was pregnant because I have varicose veins – getting older is so glamorous. I went to a local pharmacy and got fitted for my first pair. I went with the open-toed, thigh high Jobst pair since I needed mine to go above the knee. While I initially purchased them for my varicose veins, I think they’re helping reduce swelling in my feet and ankles. I wear these every night while I sleep.

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream: This was more of a recent purchase that I debated ordering. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that might work, but I’ve really liked this cream and use it in the morning and before I go to bed. I’ve focused a lot on staying hydrated throughout the day, which has helped too, but I honestly feel like some of this just has to do with genetics. We’ll see what happens these last three months.

Nartori Bra: (sorry if you’re reading this, dad) I went to my local Nordstrom store to get fitted and am really glad I went. I haven’t changed sizes yet (is this TMI?) but desperately wanted something more comfortable. I want this style in multiple colors now. Plus, their team said I can bring it in to convert to a nursing bra down the road using my alteration credits.

Sneakers: I not so secretly can’t wait to rock some mom outfits. The slip on Converse sneakers are just so easy and a no brainer. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these over the years. I got a pair of adidas sneakers for my birthday that I’ll be using for walks with our sweet girl. I’ve also been eying this pair as well as this style (I think I need the pink, right?) .

Shop my Outfit: Striped shift dress (old, similar here) / Converse Slip On Sneakers / Fawn Design Diaper Bag

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  • Three years without our Kev. Remembering him today and every day 💙
  • So happy to be reunited with my people after traveling for work all week ❤️
  • I feel like a bit of a broken record these days but healing takes time and healing a broken heart while trying to keep it together for your family is hard. My mom was my best friend, and while I like to think I knew how good I had it while she was alive, there are just so many more things I’d want to thank her for, especially with my new lens as a mom to Ainsley. I can’t imagine going through chemo and still trying to take care of her grown kids the way she did. I can’t imagine getting the call that no parent ever wants to receive finding out your son passed away, and then going on to keep fighting cancer for another year and a half. All while still making me breakfast on the weekend and running errands for me during the week, helping me plan our wedding (literally don’t know what I would’ve done without her and my sister), taking every phone call from me as I was navigating new jobs, visiting house after house as Bill and I tried to find our first home and so, so much more that will never fit into an Instagram caption. I see so much of my mom’s determination and stubbornness in Ainsley, and I can’t wait to see more of her as she continues to grow up. I am forever grateful to be her mom — it’s the best ‘title’ I’ll ever have. And while, I’m grateful to have had my mom for as long as I did, it still feels way too short. Today was filled with lots of giggles and snuggles but also lots of tears as I celebrate my first Mother’s Day with Ainsley and my second without my mom. I’m trying to be better about letting myself have the bad days and giving myself more grace. So I’m calling it a night and watching Bad Moms while eating ice cream in bed. Sending lots of love if you’re having a hard day and a virtual cheers with my pint of ice cream ❤️
  • Sharing a peek at how our dining room is coming together on the blog today in preparation for hosting a Mother’s Day brunch this weekend. The candles, frame and flowers are all from my local grocery store and there’s even more goodies in the post if you’re looking for some gift inspiration. Local friends - great news! We’re giving away a $50 gift card to put towards your Mother’s Day purchase this weekend. To enter, like this post and make sure you’re following me (@carlyritt_) and (@sendikshome) and tag a friend in the comment section below. I’ll announce the winner Thursday (5/9) at 12pm CST!**Giveaway closed | congrats to @jacckiewilliams!!!
  • When you’re on duty to supervise the sleeping baby, but you’re also on vacation so you have a margarita with lunch. I’ve been living in this jumpsuit all week. I bought it in two colors, and it’s been great to wear to the pool but also for play time with Ainsley. Plus, it came in petite and has pockets 🙌🏼 #liketkit

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