Home Sweet Home

This post is just a little overdue (try 6+ months), but Bill and I are finally settling into our first home. I don’t even really know where to start. We began our search before our wedding in 2015 and then realized we were crazy and trying to do too much at one time.

It took us a while to ultimately decide which suburb of Milwaukee we wanted to call home. After I changed jobs last January, my commute got a lot longer, and with that in mind, we ended up in our hometown just 15 miles north of the city. “Home Sweet Home”

She Was an Angel in the Shape of My Mom

I have stopped and started writing this post too many times to count. How do you try and put into words what the last few months (four years, really) have been like? I won’t try to capture everything in one post because I plan to share more over time and get back to posting at least two times a week, but it hasn’t felt right to post about fashion, home décor, etc. until I got this post up. “She Was an Angel in the Shape of My Mom”

Button Down Skirt

Button Down Skirt In the winter, I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and oftentimes end up in an all black outfit which gets a little redundant and boring. I realize that hunter green isn’t exactly a large departure from my go-to neutrals, but it was a color I welcomed with open arms when I found this buttoned down skirt (it also comes in a fun plaid print!). I’m wearing a petite, but it’s actually a longer hem than most of my other skirts, and I think the length works really well for the office. “Button Down Skirt”

One Outfit, Two Ways

Suede Skirt and Black LoafersYou know those trips to Target that never go as planned? Well, I had one of those last week. I was running in to grab some cough drops and other medicine (#winterishere…well, kind of) and naturally took a route I didn’t need to and ended up in the shoe department. I spotted these loafers and over the knee boots pretty quickly. “One Outfit, Two Ways”

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