Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale Picks

I feel like the Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale is my personal Shopbop sale. You can get 40% off regular priced items, and if you’re a cardholder, you get 50% off plus an additional 10% off. In my last two outfit roundups, you’ve seen a lot of these items on, and while some products have limited sizes available, I still wanted to link to what I’ve been loving through fall and winter. I plan to transition most of the items below into spring with lighter denim, mules or fun jewelry.

Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale Fall Picks

Print Sheer Midi Dress (wearing a 0 with the bump) / Reversible Car Coat (XXSP) / Luxespun Turtleneck Dress (XSP – pre and during pregnancy at 25 weeks)

Merino Ribbed Sweater (XS) / Print Slip Skirt (I own a very similar one from Gap) / Chunky Colorblock Sweater (wearing a small and would size up regardless of my bump)

Knit Scarf (I own this in black and grey) / Essential Sneaker* / Mid-Top Sneaker*/ Earrings

To see most of the items on, you can look back at my January and February outfit posts.


I may have fallen in love with this cocoon coatigan so it’s currently in my cart. I don’t have a black coat (besides a puffer) and this could fill that gap. This quilted jacket is also a great find if you’re in the market for that style.

*For the sneakers, I am a true 7.5. I stuck with my regular size and feel like I could’ve sized down. That said, I wasn’t sure if my feet would need the extra room while pregnant so I didn’t end up exchanging. I also haven’t ordered them in the 7 to make a comparison but thought it was worth noting if you’re in between sizes, I would lean towards sizing down. I’ve still been very comfortable in my regular size but also love when my feet can look a little smaller 😉

**For sizing, I’m 5’2″. Pre-pregnancy I was about 100 lbs and am now 25 weeks pregnant and just under 115 lbs. For what it’s worth, I think so much of how our bodies change during pregnancy is genetic so I’m not including this for other women to compare, but rather to help with sizing.

I also couldn’t help but pull all of my top spring and summer picks that are currently on the site. Full disclosure, I don’t own any of the below so I can’t comment on size, quality and fit but they’re all pieces I have my eyes on for post-baby or they’re similar to items I have and love in my closet. As you can tell, I switch from black, camel and greys in the fall to blue, white and coral (with an occasional pop of green) for spring and summer. I used to try to incorporate more color, but in the past few years, I’ve embraced my love of neutrals and feel really good about what I love and feel best in. Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale Spring Picks

Relaxed Puff-Sleeve Top / Puff-Sleeve Cropped Top (this is admittedly not very practical for me, but it’s adorable. I love it for a bride-to-be) / Eyelet Cropped Top / Button-Down Peplum Top

Long-sleeve Eyelet Cropped Top (this looks like the prettiest blue) / Sweater Tank (great on its own or layered under a jacket) / Blue Romper / Shirt Dress (I love all three color options)

High-Rise Straight-Fit Ankle Jean / High-Rise Straight Jean / Jean Shorts

Coral Mules (a fun little pop of color that would work with any of the tops or dresses) / Espadrilles / Packable Hat (hoping this will be great for the summer days when dry shampoo isn’t even enough, but I need to leave the house with two kids) / Utility Jacket

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