Kids’ Summer Clothes

I realize we’re a few weeks into the summer but in case you’re still looking for some kids’ summer clothes for your little ones or nieces and nephews, I’m rounding up my purchases for Ainsley and Liam.

I try to not overdo my purchases for the kids and mix and match throughout the summer and into fall. The only brand not linked in the below is Pearl Street Swim. We have a handful of suits for both kids, and they were kind enough to send each kid a pair of pajamas to test out. We love them as much as the suits!


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I’ve found the best priced shorts that don’t go to the knee for boys from H&M, and Cadets are an amazing brand but more expensive.



She’s wearing a lot of dresses from GAP and H&M from last summer which is why I didn’t link to as many above. And here’s a link to a rainbow stripe headband Ainsley loves too!
Even more important than the clothes, I rely on Puracy stain remover spray to help get alllll of the summer stains out of these pieces. I pour it into¬†this glass bottle, spray the stains and let sit overnight. I use an auto soak setting in the washing machine and check the stains before anything goes into the dryer. Sometimes I need to spray and wash a second time, but this brand really hasn’t let me down these past four years.

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