Kids’ Summer Clothes

Take a look inside Ainsley and Liam’s closets for the summer!

January Life Lately

Hello and even though I’m past the window of it being okay to say Happy New Year…Happy New Year!

I hope you and yours have been doing well! We are finding our groove back in Connecticut after visiting family for 10 days in Wisconsin for the holidays. Here’s a look at life lately! “January Life Lately”

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My Toddler Fall Fashion Top Picks

Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

Toddler Boy Fall Fashion

Did I stay up way past my bedtime this week to get these orders in? Yes, yes, I did. But everything was on sale, and I wanted to cross this to-do officially off my list. Toddler fall fashion really makes me want everything I bought for Ainsley in my size, or I use it as an opportunity to buy her pieces I wish I could wear as well as her. I’m really living vicariously through her on these orders. “My Toddler Fall Fashion Top Picks”