My Toddler Fall Fashion Top Picks

Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

Toddler Boy Fall Fashion

Did I stay up way past my bedtime this week to get these orders in? Yes, yes, I did. But everything was on sale, and I wanted to cross this to-do officially off my list. Toddler fall fashion really makes me want everything I bought for Ainsley in my size, or I use it as an opportunity to buy her pieces I wish I could wear as well as her. I’m really living vicariously through her on these orders.

I’m still searching for vests for both of them and Ainsely could use some ruffle midi socks to wear with her Mary Janes (that seems hopeful on my end) but in making this collage, I’m feeling good as the temperatures begin to drop, and they both keep growing. I forgot to add these to my cart but now refuse to pay for shipping for socks so I’ll keep them in my cart as I search Banana Republic for Bill and me.

As you can tell, I found more for Ainsley and I’ll be rotating through various combinations for Liam. Some of his aunts and uncles will probably hook him up with dinosaur and Mickey Mouse gear.

If you don’t want to click through each individual item, you can click here for the girls and here for the boys.

Toddler Girl Fall Picks

The sleeves on this cardigan had me at first click.

She loves throwing on a cozy sweatshirt and thought she’d like the floral print.

This pink set is cute and very practical.

We have a bit of a walk for Ainsley’s drop-off which is why I was so excited for some waterproof items. Can’t wait to see this jacket in person. And these boots.

A classic blouse.

Loved the deeper pink of this sweater.

This half-zip is for running out the door and soccer practice. I’m prepared for stains but was trying to chill out on the pink.

We already have this dress and three-piece set. Loved the colors and that we can mix and match the top and skirt with other pieces.

This sweater dress makes for a great transition piece and will work across seasons with different shoe combinations.

Some fun sneakers.

Faux-suede Mary Janes.

And short, lined boots to throw on easily when we run out the door.

Not pictured: this fun headband that I’ll give her for her birthday next week.

Toddler Boy Fall Picks

Love a henley long-sleeve.

We already have and love these tees.

An easy cardigan to throw on for a layering piece. Yes, I’m dressing him like an old man while I can plus I like that it’s a thin layer to fit under a winter jacket.

A striped hoodie. He just discovered hoods this week. He’s a big fan.

Cozy, neutral sweatshirts. 

Hoping he’ll wear this plaid flannel during some fall family photos. *Note to self to buy an easy white tee to layer under so he can wear buttoned and unbuttoned.

This shacket is real cute that I discovered this morning.

We’ve been buying these pants since Liam fit into 12M clothes. Love the elastic at the ankle and they fit so well! I usually buy the next size up to have them on hand just in case.

Already ordered these boots from Target.

Loved the color of these boots and like to have two options for Liam to choose from in the morning.

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