Baby Boy Ritt Nursery Inspiration

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

We had our anatomy scan this week and were so incredibly happy to learn that Baby Ritt #2 is growing well and looking very healthy! We were also convinced it was another girl so when the tech told us it was a boy, we were shocked (in the best way). I came home and caught up on work after traveling for the second week in a row but couldn’t resist putting together my first moodboard for his new room.

We’re converting our guest room to baby brother’s room as we like to tell Ainsley, and while this doesn’t have all of the little details, I love how it’s coming together. My friend sent me a photo with car prints and then I fell in love with this campaign dresser from Crate & Kids so it came together pretty quickly. I remember spending months on Ainsley’s nursery moodboard so I’m surprised I’m feeling so sure of a design direction this time around. It helps that I’m not Googling every single baby product known to mankind to figure out what I need although I do have a list going of items we need/want for the second. I’m excited to share more these next few months!

I also couldn’t help buy our little guy two new outfits and a few onesies. I thought this linen button down, shorts and boat shoes were perfect for a summer outing with our family of four.

Light Fixture / Glider / Car Prints / Campaign Dresser / Crib / Rug


  1. Emily wrote:

    Love the campaign style dresser! We got one for my daughter’s room and ended up with this one (for a fraction of the price and very happy with the quality) :

    Comes in blue as well!

    Posted 2.28.20
  2. Leah Roberts wrote:

    Super cute! Love the glider what fabric color did you choose? And wall color?

    Posted 4.29.21

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