What I Wore in February

What. A. Month. For as long as January felt, February was gone in the blink of an eye. I traveled quite a bit for work, had a lot of meetings when I was back in the office, found out we were having a boy, sadly said goodbye to my grandma, then tried to get as many snuggles lounging at home with Ainsley and Bill and have been working away at the children’s book I wrote while I was on maternity leave with Ainsley. Here’s a roundup of most of my outfits from the month. You can take a look at January’s outfits here – there are a lot of repeats or similar mixing and matching if you’re looking for different ways to style a piece in your closet.

Banana Republic Sweater / Gap Skirt (sold out but similar here and here) / Sam Edelman Boots (old, similar here) / J.Crew Factory Earrings

Banana Republic Moto Jacket / Banana Republic Dress (seen in black below) / Sneakers

One/Third Blazers

Banana Republic Earrings / One/Third Jacket 01 / Tuckernuck Blouse / Topshop Maternity Denim (these will stretch and start to fall down but they are comfortable) / Sam Edelman Pumps (old, similar style here)

One/Third Jacket 03 / Gap Maternity Tee / Madewell Denim (old, similar here) with the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband/ J.Crew Booties / J.Crew Factory Earrings

Banana Republic Sweater / LOFT Wide Leg Trousers (old, similar here, here and here) / Sam Edelman Pumps (old, similar style here) / J.Crew Factory Earrings

Banana Republic Earrings / Tuckernuck Blouse / Topshop Maternity Denim (these will stretch and start to fall down but they are comfortable)) / Chanel Flats via Poshmark

Gap Sweater (old, similar here) / Gap Maternity Tee / Madewell Denim (old, similar here) with the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband / Banana Republic Sneakers / J.Crew Factory Earrings

Travel Wear

Banana Republic Jacket / Banana Republic Scarf / Gap Sweater / Madewell Denim (old, similar here) with the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband / Banana Republic Sneakers / MZ Wallace Tote (gifted) / Bric’s Luggage

Rolla’s Sweater (available here in green) / Ann Taylor Joggers (old, similar here and here) / Banana Republic Sneakers

J.O.A. Oversized Sweater (old) / Madewell Denim (old, similar here) with the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband / Dolce Vita Over-the-Knee Boots (old, similar here)

Banana Republic Dress in Black

Banana Republic Dress (can you tell I love it?) / Madewell Sweater (old, similar here) / Soludos Booties / Banana Republic Sneakers / J.Crew Factory Earrings

J.Crew Button Down Blouse (old) / Rolla’s Sweater (available here in green) / J.Crew Lace Trousers (old) / Chanel Flats via Poshmark


And last but certainly not least, I’ll leave you with my loungewear – new and old. I’m trying out the Lake Pajamas after hearing so many positive reviews. I’ll keep you posted on if I think they’re worth the price, but I thought they’d be great during the pregnancy and for nursing.

Lake Pajamas / Gap Maternity Top / Gap Pants / Banana Republic Sweater / Gap Trousers (old) / Ugg Slippers

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  • I’ve never talked about cookie dough so much, but in the last two weeks, it has been a hot topic in my DMs. And honestly, the chats with you have been a welcome distraction ☺️ Thank you for supporting my frozen cookie dough consumption especially when it’s before 10 a.m.  You guys are the best. I figured I’d post the details here so it’s easier to find when you’re ready to do some baking! I use the @nestletollhouse recipe (because it’s the best, obviously). I swap the 2 eggs for 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce and recently learned about toasting the flour for 5 minutes at 350°. I mix everything as usual, chill for a bit and use my cookie dough scooper to put them in a glass container before they go straight to the freezer. I made it 30 years without swapping ingredients or toasting the flour, so zero judgement here if you just follow the regular recipe. There’s kind of a lot more going on in the world to worry about, so you do you. Some FAQs: I don’t think the applesauce changes the taste, and I have not baked these to know how they turn out. I’m on a strict frozen cookie dough diet over here 🤰🏼 Enjoy!
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  • I’ve gotten a few questions about if I’m getting dressed every day while working from home. I’m not sure about you, but we’re doing a lot of video chats for our meetings which I actually love - it keeps people more engaged and productive plus it’s fun to see your colleagues. The short answer is it’s a mix - some days I just switch to a comfy yet presentable top but don’t throw on any makeup and some days I put on a fun outfit and even throw on some mascara. It depends on what my work calendar looks like and if I’m presenting during a meeting. But just to be very clear, slippers are a required part of my WFH wardrobe. I’ve also thrown the seasons out the window and am wearing whatever I want from my closet. http://liketk.it/2Mizd #liketkit @liketoknow.it #27weeks
  • Staying home this weekend and slowly getting ready for baby brother’s summer arrival. I haven’t quite been able to articulate my thoughts lately because they’re all over the place. There aren’t enough thank yous for our essential workers and my heart aches for those whose big plans have changed - from weddings to families working through IVF and so, so much more. 
I don’t take it for granted that my job right now is to stay home and do the best I can to work from home and take care of Ainsley. That doesn’t mean that’s not hard in very different ways. I’m trying my best to recharge on the weekends but also want to work on my children’s book, blog and spend quality time with my family as opposed to counting down to the next nap or bedtime. Not to mention catch up on work that I didn’t get to during the week. While we have more time at home, it’s certainly different time. 
All this to say, we’re all just trying our best right now and feeling a lot of feels. If working out makes you feel better, great! If a new show on Netflix brings you joy, also great. Same with tackling a list of house projects because it gives you a sense of control (hello, purging all of our closets again) or tackling new recipes in the kitchen. Do what you need to do. For me that’s enjoying some chocolate chip pancakes with my family this morning and making a fresh batch of cookie dough to freeze for the week. What are you most looking forward to today?

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  • Pajamas, Frozen or Frozen 2 and cuddles on repeat.

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